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Domaine Watson

Tasting Notes

Domaine Watson

Domaine Watson is made up of seven small, family-owned vineyards nestled closely together in the rolling limestone upland hills of Chablis and Irancy. Their vineyard is steeped in more than 30 years of tradition and family passion, each one carefully planted to his own plan by Chris Watson during the 1990s.

Domaine Watson are proud to offer our two unique wines: the Irancy, a Pinot Noir red, a full-bodied, complex wine with a bouquet of blackcurrant, licorice and leather, plus a hint of spice;  and the Chablis, a classic Chardonnay white, a crisp, refreshing yet intense wine with a fine balance of citrus, floral and mineral notes.

Their wines completely embody the values and traditions of the land from which they have emerged, the crisp and mineral yet powerful Chablis to the aromatic, earthy, perfumed and distinctive Irancy.