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Chocolat Blanc Negroni


/ 30ml Renais

/ 30ml Regal Rogue Lively White

/ 20ml Suze

/ 10ml Creme de Cacao blanc

/ Melted dark chocolate to garnish

Tasting Notes

Bittersweet, rich and viscous, this is textural beast with notes of cacao, thyme and citrus oils.

Chocolat Blanc Negroni

Step 1

Start by melting some chocolate and using a pastry brush to brush the inside of a frozen glass. Place back into the freezer. 


Step 2

Add all your ingredients into a mixing glass, fill to the brim with large chunks of clear, good quality ice, and stir with the end of a spoon for 20 seconds to chill and dilute. Pour over a large block of ice.


Alex and Emma Watson with a motorcycle and a bottle of Renais Alex Watson and a bottle of Renais