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Trou Nouveau


/ 30ml Renais

/ 1 Big scoop blood orange and fennel sorbet

/ 90ml Cremant

/ Fennel fronds to garnish

/ Blood orange slice to garnish

Tasting Notes

Frozen, aromatic citrus vibes. An early summer banger.

Trou Nouveau

Step 1

You can buy blood orange sorbet but making it is super easy. Just combine 400g of freshly squeezed blood orange juice with 150g of agave syrup and pop in the freezer. Pull out every hour and whisk to get a great texture.


Step 2

To assemble the cocktail, make sure your Cremant is as cold as possible and your Renais is in the freezer. Add your ingredients to a blender for 15 seconds and pour into a frozen glass. Garnish with fennel fronds and a slice of blood orange.


Alex and Emma Watson with a motorcycle and a bottle of Renais Alex Watson and a bottle of Renais