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3 Must-Try Renais Summer Cocktails

Tasting Notes

3 Must-Try Renais Summer Cocktails

Our Favourite Renais Summer Cocktails.

As the days of summer roll in, there's nothing quite like unwinding in the garden with a refreshing drink in hand as you enjoy all the season has to offer. Whether you're chilling with friends, enjoying a BBQ or simply enjoying a bit of me-time, the addition of a well made cocktail is always welcome.

In this blog post, we show you our favourite 3 ways to enjoy Renais in the sunshine - or pair these with your favourite dishes and you’ll be dinner party ready in minutes.


I want something to cool me down:

There's no feeling quite like the first sip of an ice cold cocktail, especially if the ingredients are fresh and light. Introducing the Cucumber Rickey, a beautifully balanced cocktail featuring crisp cucumber, and the minerality of Renais gin.

Top Tip: snake the cucumber from the top to the bottom of the glass to ensure that you taste the crisp cucumber from start to finish.



I want something easy to make:

It's summer, it's hot and you just want a tipple that's quick and easy to make. The Emma Spritz is just the trick. With a fizzy soda base, add all of the ingredients together with Renais in a wine glass over ice and, voila!


Top Tip: to give a flavour boost, always use Fresh lemon juice in your Emma Spritz.


I want something that I've never tasted before:

If the sunshine is making you feel adventurous, or you simply want to try something new, we recommend the Provence Smash. Herbaceous and zesty, it will transport you to the French countryside in a matter of minutes.


Top Tip: Use a fine strainer to pour the cocktail, it will ensure unwanted herbs don't enter!


Which Renais cocktail will you be trying this summer season? For us, it's a case of which we'll be having first!